Before we drop the video for “SCAVENGERS”, here go a loosey:
BRAND NEW Jor-G “To The Max” (REMIX) shit just got REAL !!!!!

Enjoy and please #SHARE


im a fire breathing animal with the flow that so phenomenal
I aim for your abdominal homeboy we not compatible
at yo door like its dominoes then I leave with all your valuables
on the beat when i skeet im a freak that can eat every lion in the carnival
lets rock and roll lock and load outta control i pop and go
i’ll fuck ya ho ill hit ya bowl cheech and chong I’m up in smoke
everyday riding im faded like warren g regulating
contemplatin debating thoughts penatrating
whether i’m hot like satan
my shit that fire best believe gone take u higher
no bull no shit no liar Miami I do admire
like a boss in my attire i want the entire
#1 supplier for my boardwalk empire

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