RIP Franky

This weekend I had to mourn the loss of a very good childhood friend of mine. His name is Franky Albaladejo. For those of you fortunate enough to have gotten to know him, you knew he was a very passionate, big hearted, crazy motherfucker. It saddens me to see you go so soon Franky, but you will be missed my G. The Day I left your funeral I came home and expressed my feelings the only way i know how, through the music. I know you were a huge fan and an even bigger supporter of everything I did, but you were an even better friend. I grabbed as many pictures and videos that your friends posted up of you and put together a slide show to go along with the music. I apologize if i couldn’t get everybody’s picture but the song is only so long. I just wanted to do something special for you and your name big dog. Much love homie, hold it down for us until we get there. So to everybody reading this, if you knew him great and if you didn’t your about to, so put on a pair of headphones, watch the video download the song, close your eyes and vibe, because he may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Turn that shit up!!!! RIP Franky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One, Jor-G

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